Engineer skilled in electrolysis technology

Aragon Hydrogen Foundation is looking for strengthen its research activities in the field of hydrogen production.

Engineering/Master in Chemistry, Industrial Chemical Processes and/or PhD degree (or be close
to completion) in one of the relevant subjects, including electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering, chemical engineering, or relevant subjects.

Knowledge on water electrolysis technologies.
Experience in designing and commissioning balance of plant.
Experience in process diagrams.
Proficient in English, at least C1 level or equivalent.
Excellent analytical skills.
Strong communication skills.

The successful applicant will contribute to research on
water electrolysis for hydrogen generation.
The selected candidate will design test benches for stack testing, perform the tests of cells and stacks electrolysers and design and scaling up the balance of plant of the electrolysers.
The successful applicant will cooperate in the coordination, preparation, implementation and management of both public and privately funded research projects at national and International level.

Lugar: Polígono Industrial Walqa (Huesca)

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